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at the molecular level.
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One of the most prospective areas in the field of air purification today is photocatalytic purification. The essence of this method is that air passes through a layer of photocatalysts (titanium dioxide - TiO2). Under the influence of a soft UV radiation impurities contained in the air are oxidized. As a result, the filter acts as a "cold burning" reactor where all harmful substances do not accumulate in, but are destroyed into harmless organics - water and CO2. The founder of photocatalysis technology is Japanese professor Akira Fujishima who published an article on this subject in Science in 1970.
Traditional filters do not effect when there is a low concentration of impurities in the air even though it still remains toxic. Photocatalytic purification is the only method that provides long-term protection against bacteria. Despite the fact that you can also purify the premise by quartzing, this procedure cannot be carried out continuously and in the presence of people. And soon after the quartzing session, pathogenic bacteria can again enter the room. While photocatalytic method is harmless to a human body and therefore can work continuously. The method also has economic advantages: almost unlimited service life of the filter and accordingly zero operating costs.
Cleaning speed
Photocatalysis has some limitations on cleaning speed. In normal mode it is invisible but if the so-called volley release happens (for example, a bottle of nail polish remover is spilled), the photocatalyst alone will not cope. Therefore, photo purifiers are usually equipped with an additional standard adsorption filter. Most of these cleaners are also not designed for removing mechanical parts from the air. In general, an air purification system, set of filters, power should be calculated based on the type of premise and the level of its possible pollution.
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